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Testimonials of our clients

My experience with Capital Tree Accounting has been excellent, very professional and they are aware of the accounting and taxes updates. Thanks for giving us peace of mind and also for saving us money with your excellent advises.

Lebron Group

I have to say that my experience working with Capital Tree Accounting has been amazing, they are experienced professionals and I trust my business in to their hands. I recommend their services to anybody from personal taxes to business transactions, they are simply the best!!!

Eloy Candelaria - Creative Maze

En el 2010 forme mi Corporation 3VD y desde ese momento y en un lapso de 10 dias recibi mas de 35 comunicaciones de diferentes empresas donde me ofrecian los servicios de contabilidad, entre tantas ofertas buenas fue dificil optar por la mejor y la verdad no me equivoque, elegi la ideal, Minelly Peña. Desde ese momento he recibido mas que soluciones, atenciones, capacidad, tiempo, sugerencias, recomendaciones administrativas, orgnizacion, pagos al dia de los impuestos, estados mensuales, cierre del mes, declaracion de impuestos, nomina laboral, cierre anual y todo cuanto me ha generado una TOTAL tranquilidad y seguridad.

Juan Vasquez – President 3VD Projects

When you are opening a business and you have so many things going on, the last thing you want is to worry about all the difficult accounting procedures that need to be done; you really want your time, and the time of your co-workers, to be spent in creating, developing, and applying ideas that will translate in your company’s success. Capital Tree completely allow us to do that. Minelly’s work is so professional and so on-time that we don’t even worry about having our balances and taxing reports ready. She, and her team, are always available for us with a great will for help and service.

Rodrigo Quintanar

We are in business since 2007 and Minelly Peña has done our taxes since 2009 and we are glad and happy to have her and Capital Tree as our accountant. Minelly has been more than an accountant for us; her advises has helped us to increase our business considerably. Now, we’re glad that she had chosen us to be the creator of her businesses website.

PixelBlink Studios


We offer accurate preparation of income tax returns. This is vital for organizations and individuals to avoid problems with the IRS. We keep our staff continuously up-to-date with current tax filing and business laws, while considering all the variables influencing your tax return preparation.




Our top level professionals are trained and certify in multiple disciplines and they are ready to help with any of your business need. We offer professional advice for those seeking to launch their business or for those looking to improve their business performance. Don’t be afraid of new laws and regulations affecting your business, our accountants and business professionals are experts ready to help in business needs. Let our professional team perform your company’s Controller level functions.





Payroll administration is an integral part of any business operation. Keeping up-to-date with the current regulations makes it possible for efficient payroll services and payroll administration. Capital Tree can help you integrate and administer your payroll, making your life easier so you can concentrate on other important areas of your business.





Financial reporting is a critical process involving the collection, analysis, summarization and presentation of the financial performance of a business. Our reliable financial reporting services add value to your business by improving efficiency and accuracy.



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